Grace Lynn Kung in InSecurity

On a flight criss-crossing the country sometime last month, I learned about a new CBC show, InSecurity. The cast stood in “strong” poses across the page and Grace Lynn Kung popped out at me for obvious reasons.

InSecurity is a spy show satire with a light cast of six agents. The show’s website is fashioned like a spy dossier and I learned that I was tuning in for the first time for their seventh episode–I have some catching up to do! The news broke just earlier this month that the show would be renewed for a second season–way to go!

Other than Richard Yearwood, I have not seen any of the other actors in their previous roles–they are very Canadian. Richard, apparently, was in a short-lived Toronto-centric drama that I loved-loved-loved called The City, but his role was very peripheral to the central story of the Strachans and Detective Michael Croft played by yummy James Gallanders. Natalie Lisinska plays Team Leader Alex Cranston and is so cute I can’t stop watching her. On first glance, and from her character, JoJo Kwan’s bio, Grace Lynn Kung seems cast as the intelligent but Dragon Lady. Uh-oh.

I’m looking forward to seeing more dimension to JoJo’s character beyond being supremely intelligent (“smart” Asian stereotype) but oddly cruel (“Dragon Lady” Asian stereotype) with over-the-top make-up (“backwards” Asian stereotype?) and a fantastically husky voice.

As it currently stands, there is more information at the Grace Lynn Kung InSecurity webpage than her IMDB page. She’s had classical training and seems to have worked all around Ontario with just a little bit of Asian theater, and most recently studied in London, England. It’s good to learn of an up-and-coming Chinese-Canadian actor!

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