The learning idea I alluded to in my previous post is outlined in the following. I’ve always been a fan of “Word of the Day” and can really get sucked into the idea of learning a little every day. If I know it the word, I move on. If I don’t, Word of the Day succinctly reminds me of what I don’t know and I can learn. One word a day is highly manageable!

Yesterday, I started to test out the idea and it’s as good a time as any to “go live” and get this started! I will be tweeting at this blog’s Twitter account (@CatchStarGirl) two “Word of the Day” from the list of 3,000 most common characters. I will annotate each Tweet with pronunciation and definition.

Here is the format of each tweet where an underscore (_) denotes a space character:

Word of the day
Form: Traditional-form(Simplified-form, if applicable)_
Characters: 2 or 5

Form: Pinyin/Cantonese_
Characters: maximum 10 (usually maximum four for each of Pinyin and Cantonese, occasionally five)

Form: _#Top3000中文chars
Characters: always 16

Form: _#ID
Characters: maximum 7, e.g., _#1,234
Note: to track which word we are up to!

Form: free
Characters: usually up to 102 characters
Note: descriptions include definition (denoted by “def:”), common or fun usage or link to a dictionary if I can’t define certain ones; if multiple definitions exist, I might only post one or two of them, particularly the way I know the word; if I know the word already, I won’t look it up for confirmation

Post frequency: twice daily, at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern time – I wanted to post at 8:08 but Hootsuite won’t let me schedule posts that way.

I hope to have fun and brush up with this exercise and meet other people who want to learn Chinese!

Short URL for this blog post: http://ow.ly/w5tWm

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