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Lindsay Price, Charlene Yi in Love Bites

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This show confuses me. It came onto my radar somehow, in some part because Greg Grunberg stars, but the information I gather from IMDB show page and the Love Bites NBC website almost seem to contradict each other.

Why are only three cast members (Constance Zimmer, Greg Grunberg, Becki Newton) listed on the NBC site when it is clearly an ensemble cast? Who are those people listed today on the IMDB cast list? Why are Kyle Howard and Lindsay Price, a engaged couple that looks quite central, not listed on IMDB? Why does Grunberg’s character’s fiancée not look like Constance Zimmer?

In a short TV Guide review of the pilot, explanation comes in that the air date of Love Bites was pushed back from last fall and there is some cast juggling…. The show is set to air 9 episodes into the summer and then what? And I shouldn’t get too excited about people I see in the pilot: “Each of the multiple vignettes will involve an array of talented guest stars every week, and will illuminate the theme of love with a fresh, irreverent spin.” Kyle Howard and Lindsay Price were the Couple of the Week and can be phased out next week? Not too surprising, their pilot episode story was very fluffy.

Charlene Yi also turned up in the pilot as a salesperson in an adult entertainment store. I liked how she looked with dark hair and a straight-laced look with that non-chalant Gen Y boredom. I have even less faith we’d see her in a subsequent episode even though one of the possible main characters started working at the store as well.

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