Introducing… Rice Dumpling Mascots

I paused for a long time outside the T&T Supermarket entrance taking in the super-cute kawaii poster of something resembling a mushroom soldier with a big green cap surrounded by mini soldiers in different national dress.

To celebrate Dragon Boat Festival 2010 (June 16), T&T created 12 flavours of 糭子(simplified: 粽子; English/Pinyin: zhong zi), glutinous rice bundles wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. Aside from regular Chinese varieties with fine differences to represent China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, more exotic creations represent Asian countries like Korea(kimchi and seafood), India (curry and beancurd), and Indonesia (satay and beancurd). A truly wacky flavour is that representing Belgium: “With chocolate and nuts (Macademia nuts, cashews and almonds) as the main ingredients mixed with glutinous rice, this dumpling is something innovative and delicious!”

My girly wonderment caused Kit to remark (something like), “That kind of marketing works on you, does it?” Oh, it sure does! Just like when you dress Hello Kitty up in the costumes of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and you want to collect them all!

To my credit, it looked like the zhong zi stand was a hit with people surrounding it and trying different varieties after consulting the signage and the cross-sections displaying the actual contents.

I didn’t go too crazy as the larger zhong zi (a Taiwan one shown here) are $2.69 each and you get 2 smaller ones for $2.69, and I didn’t wanted to be too risky and want to ensure edible and palatable lunches.  I will update later how my three flavours panned out.

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