Lunch at Wang’s Taiwan Beef Noodle House (new Cambie location)

Updated May 31, June 6, and June 25, 2011 with more photos from more meals I had there.

Last weekend, there was a decent enough day for NPY and me to walk to the Main Street location of Mui Garden so on our way home, we walk north on Cambie and we noticed that 3250 Cambie Street, most recently Shanghai Village, was now a Wang’s Beef Noodle House! In my ‘hood! I was surprised that Shanghai Village had lasted as long as it did and do you remember that before it was Curry King and before that Hugo??

We often drive by the Marpole location of Wang’s Beef Noodle on south (south) Granville when we are on the way to Richmond or the airport, but we had never been inside. Perhaps we had preferred to arrive at our destination before eating or some other reason. That Granville location–if not necessarily operating under the Wang name–had been closed at least once and we all know about it from the news articles that highlight the Vancouver Coastal Health inspection reports.

As I consider leaving my Cambie Village apartment for Yaletown or beyond, it saddens me to miss out on the area’s development, living in the midst of it all. Case in point: the arrive of good Taiwanese noodles.

Anyways… I know I’ll be back so this time, Rafe and I both ordered the original specialty–beef brisket noodle soup. I knew he wanted to try the spicy version but convinced him to try the original and that the broth was going to be rich and fragrant enough. We both ordered thick noodles and I tried to tell the waitress “no cilantro” which was not understood so I had to ask for “no greens” thus missing out on the green onions.

I really liked the choice between the thick and thin noodles and they were just a little chewy–you could taste they were good and fresh. I was expecting beef brisket slices but the morsels were less clinical-looking and well marbled and tendons running throughout. Also, the broth was nice–rich and flavourful enough for Rafe–it was very tangy and, as I can attest just a little while after as I write this, not too heavy and MSG-y.

Hopefully this Taiwanese noodle shop can make it in the neighbourhood. It fills a niche that has been missing and I last lamented about it when Beefy Beef (sister restaurant to No. 1 Beef Noodle House in Burnaby) opened at Main and King Edward and not closer, at Cambie. At lunch hour, the line-ups at Sha-Lin (overrated), Peaceful, and Benkei (YUMmy) can get long. Let’s not forget there is also Menya, the other Japanese ramen shop in the neighbourhood. Cafe Gloucester further down Cambie can have a lunch queue so it’s great to have another–and different–cuisine and noodle shop.

Click on image for notes from my June 3, 2011 (third) visit.

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