I made a dictionary!

Apparently I will find a way to way to make WordPress do anything!

Over five years ago, I may have been on some kind of Chinese learning bender and sat down and wrote out a Simplified-Traditional Chinese Character Dictionary on index cards. These days, I devised a WordPress page to be my resource on the Internet for something I’m not sure is widely available–a dictionary for the traditional character when you’re faced with the simplified character and haven’t a clue what it means. It has happened to me so often where all I know is the number of strokes in the blessed simplified character and just need a flashcard to show me the traditional version.

On the index cards, I wrote simplified, traditional, and pinyin. In the WordPress version, I have re-purposed one of my favourite plugins, Sinosplice Tooltips so when you hover over the simplified character, the pop-up bubble will show traditional form and brief translation.

The simplified characters are first sorts by number of strokes, then within that category they are sorted by complexity with characters with radicals sorted to the bottom and appearing on the same line if they share a radical.

Simplified-Traditional Chinese Character Dictionary


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