One Year Blogiversary

It is now a conscientious blogging world and for this blog, compared to my 9-year-old other blog, I observe my first blogiversary. Um, yay!?

One year ago, my first post was my recap of Lac Su’s “I Love Yous Are For White People”, a cross-post with the other blog, and I proceeded to post as I read 11 more “Asian-American” novels or memoirs. My reading recap posts were interwoven with posts mostly of Asian-American actors appearing in shows I watch–learning more about the actors allowed me to do what I love, that is roam around IMDB and find the connections between actors. Those posts have been some of my most popular, like Jeremy Wong in Hellcats and, more recently, Manish Dayal in 90210. Surely the Hollywood posts are easier to write and fluffy but I enjoy them very much as well.

Over the year, I have published 70 Posts (not including this one) and tweeted 246 times as of three days ago.

While I wrote a charter for myself before starting the blog, to identify how it would be different from other Asian-American blogs I read, it was really over the course of a year that I refined this space. I stopped cross-posting the Asian-American literature I read and used my Twitter account to spread the word about this blog using the more prolific Twitter handle for the other blog.

It has also been a really fun exercise exploring WordPress which has helped my day job which has helped the blog design in turn. I had a lot of fun making the rotating banners from my China trip photos and finding different ways to use WordPress (family tree and a dictionary), repurposing the Sinosplice Tooltips WordPress Plug-In in order to display four “languages”–English, Chinese characters, Cantonese and Mandarin pronunciation.

Well, that was the first year… let’s see what the next year brings!

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