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Coming Spring 2011: The Quon Dynasty… but when?

I just thought I would share about the The Quon Dynasty, the second reality show the Lingnan Quons of Edmonton are presenting. There are 13 30-minute episodes further following the family and filming wrapped just a little while ago. I have episodes of Family Restaurant: The Quons piling up on my PVR and have not yet watched but–armchair speculation for a moment–just what kind of people/family sign up for another reality show? What do they think they have to share and tell people? They have jumped networks from Food Network and Global to CityTV, OMNI, and The Biography Channel.

Now, technically, this series could air any time between March 20 and June 21, 2011 to qualify as a Spring 2011 launch. I just hope I don’t miss out like I did for watching their Family Restaurant series while it was airing new episodes!

It’s like that time I thought Vancouver Magazine would put out a third yearly installment of their 100 Things to Eat in Vancouver in September and I set up a calendar alert to remind me to check every day for a few months. In that particular case, a third list never came.

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