Vina’s spicy basil chicken recipe??

Hands down my favourite Vietnamese meal comes from a fast food stall at Oakridge Mall in south Vancouver named Vina Vietnamese Gourmet. I think this is Combo #7 described as coming with salad, spicy basil chicken, and roll dip.

The salad is the blah-est selection of iceberg lettuce and julienned carrots livened up just a bit when you share some of the roll dip sauce over it. I eat it first because it’s cold, my least favourite, and blocking the good stuff.

The Vietnamese spring roll (not to be confused with cold salad rolls) are known as chả giò with mostly spiced minced pork is really decent.

The spicy basil chicken with abundant runny sauce over steamed rice is the highlight of the dish and I could never tire of it. The dark cut of chicken is really tender and is further perfected in the marinade/sauce which I can only identify so far as having ample Thai basil and a touch of chili flakes. What are the rest of the ingredients? This would be my go-to dish if I only knew.


Although the logo appears to be the same, I am really perplexed how Vina Vietnamese Gourmet (fast food) is related to Vina Vietnamese Cuisine (four “fine dining” locations) which has a different looking menu, does not refer to the food court locations, and their Spicy Chicken Basil picture (if you can make it out) does not look the same with too much red and green pepper.

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