Asians on TV 唐人做電視

Lou Diamond Phillips in Chuck

NPY and I watch Chuck, that quirky satire of a nerd-come-spy, and I like to take credit for introducing him to the show that got his attention really fast as soon as it gratuitously panned over female anatomy.

He doesn’t but I usually check out the guest stars and they are a wonderful string of characters, often hotties from entertainment realms that I wouldn’t know, like professional wrestling. I noticed that Lou Diamond Phillips guest starred in the episode entitled “Chuck Versus the Cat Squad” and confess that while I had heard of that name before, I was expecting to see a big black man. Who am I confusing that name with?

NPY thought Lou Diamond Phillips had guest starred before but he must have confused him with the endless string of ethnic bad guys that turn up.

I thought I saw a glimmer… and verified with his IMDB bio; yes, he is of Spanish, Scottish/Irish, Chinese, Filipino, Hawaiian, and Cherokee descent. Interesting!

He’s been in so many shows–the magic number of 99 listed on IMDB right now–that I will surely recognize him and have a name to put to the face next time.

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