Sharon Leal in Hellcats

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but I’ve got NPY watching Hellcats!

After a handful of episodes, the show seems to have taken a turn to feature in nearly every episode a dance or cheering routine and a performance by an up-and-coming artist or band. Both Hellcats leads, Ashley Tisdale and Alyson Michalka, have some vocal chops and sing as well, joining the band. Even Robbie Jones, who plays Lewis Flynn, got down and sing in a recent episode, with local pop star Elise Estrada, no less!

To be clear, NPY couldn’t care less about the story that he rightfully things is too immature for him to deign, but he’ll glance up and watch the dancing or musical scenes. I would have thought NPY would prefer Heather Hemmens, who plays Alice Vendura, most and he surely does like her sassy attitude–but he likes a little bit of each of Tisdale, Michalka, and Hemmens’ characters which shows he’s gotten to know the show….

While watching a recent episode, during a scene between Sharon Leal who plays the Hellcats coach and Jeff Hephner, NPY thought she was familiar from having played “that girlfriend” in Friends. There aren’t that many girlfriends from Friends that stand out as much as “Charlie” being there was so much celebration that a person of colour actually had a story arc on that white-washed (but funny) comedy. I was so sure, and correct, that Sharon Leal did not play “Charlie” but it only takes a Google Image search to find images of Sharon Leal and Aisha Tyler, the latter whom did play “Charlie” and see the basis of NPY’s initial confusion. Friends feels like eons ago and I thought that Aisha Tyler should be much older but there is only two years difference between the actresses.

I would not normally have checked but I looked in the paltry IMDB bio for Sharon Leal and it mentioned she attended the the 2007 Asian Excellence Awards. Why?? Unless…. A little more is revealed, that is her mother is Filipina while her father is African-American. Leal even spent a few years when she was really young living in the Philippines. That’s pretty neat!

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