My new favourite snack: The other egg roll

Egg Rolls. There’s the Chinese-American version, a re-imagination of the deep-fried spring roll using a wonton wrapper that blisters upon frying and is filled with anything from mystery leftover food to high-quality ground/shredded food. There’s the Chinese version (蛋卷) that is a not-too-sweet flakey dessert that is enhanced when there are toasted sesame seeds.

There there is this version. I first became aware of these rolls when NPY’s aunt brought some back (fresher, better brand, who knows) from Taiwan but they are easily found at the Asian supermarkets around town.

Its taste and texture is unlike anything I can describe. Texture is a little easier: There is a little give when you bite into it but it gives away like a hard sponge and if you let it run over your tongue, you can taste the paste that lines the interior of the roll. Its taste is something else: of all the ingredients, I can only pick out the fragrant corn; it is also creamy like grainy butter, a bit sweet but savoury.


Vendor: H-Mart
Price: 18 rolls for $2.49

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