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Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars (American version) did it right for Season 10. I took one look at the line-up of stars and knew I would try really hard to follow it despite my “busy” Monday night of TV shows (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Chuck, Heroes….) It helped a lot to finally get a PVR that can tape three channels at once!

The Season 10 line-up of stars was eye-poppingly good for someone of my age (twirty):

  • Shannan Doherty, who was in Beverly Hills, 90210, airing during my formative years
  • Kate Gosselin, well, I don’t watch her show so it was her chance to introduce and redeem herself on another show… but she didn’t
  • Jake Pavelka, whom I only recognized because NPY tuned into the recent Bachelor finale; his partner, Chelsie Hightower did very well in So You Think You Can Dance and is really cute… Jake is not so bad looking either!
  • Pamela Anderson, a proud Canadian, undeniable sexpot, and I’m so glad she could get into every character she approached, as the judges said of her
  • Chad Ochocinco, I don’t watch football but he’s got personality that makes his rehearsal clips really amusing
  • Evan Lysacek, just launched into my consciousness this year because of his gold medal win at the Olympics (figure skating) and in no small part because NPY compared his looks to Superman; further, I really like his partner, Anna Trebunskaya
  • Nicole Scherzinger, last but certainly not least, I am not a closet Pussycat Dolls fan and it’s due to their gorgeous singer and their unabashed dancing style; for most of the season, I’ve just fast-forwarded to see just Evan and Nicole’s dances!

I’ve always admired Nicole Scherzinger’s appearance: beautiful skin tone, refined sharp features, gorgeous hair. Otherwise, you aren’t supposed to like and support the music of a group that wears barely anything and gyrates as much as they dance–it’s very anti-feminist! At the same time, it is so very nice to see an Asian heading up an American group and achieving great success.

As with many people, I thought Nicole Scherzinger was part Pakistani. Otherwise, how did she get her skin tone and her last name? But I just read her Wikipedia entry where she is quoted mentioning the common misconception. She is actually Filipino-Russian-Hawaiian and her full name is Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger. Cool!

My only objective, other than to highlight an Asian in Media who interests me, is to applaud how she has improved her image with her appearance on a relatively conservative reality competition well-suited for her talents, and also to mention how she inspired me: I learned from reading her Wiki page that she is twirty as well, and has a smokin’ physique and does things with it I am inspired to do before I really have to settle down and fall to Mother Nature!

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