Kal Penn in Special Victims Unit (back from 2007)

I just caught a 2008 episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit called Outsider (s8e12). It opened with concerned dormmates of Ming Hao (played by Tiffany Pao) trying to convince her to report a rape. Her sister, Chun Hao, was played by Yin Chang.

Yin Chang? The name is vaguely familiar. It turns out she played Nelly Yuki for 14 episodes on Gossip Girl. That was a sad character to have to play, being an unwitting pawn in the social game.

The detectives chased down several people before finding Dr. Chanoor and getting closest to the actual culprit. First you see that Dr. Chanoor is defended by his daughter, Debi Chanoor played by the smokin’ hot Pooja Kumar. Have I seen her before? Scrolling through her IMDB page, it seems that I have not.

Then Kal Penn appears and you know he’s a key player. He pretends to only be a helpful and worthless character but he turns out to be Dr. Chanoor’s son and the criminal the detectives are seeking. He plays a completely deluded character seeking fame after growing up in his sister’s shadows, combined with his father’s sever disappointment, leading him to crack.

The SVU episode aired between the first and second Harold & Kumar movies. Not being a fan of House, I haven’t seen Kal Penn outside of his Kumar role so this was fun if just one episode.

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