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I love the Atahualpa theme for WordPress! At first, I went straight to the Theme Editor to mess with the CSS, remove modules and text but all I saw were functions instead of CSS and I wasn’t going to muck around with those. But then I was looking really closely at modifying the theme for a work website and combed carefully through the Theme Options and it’s really fun to customize!

Aside from the highly customizable sidebars (which I have yet to configure fully), the most visibly cool feature is the rotating banners. It was really fun to go through my Flickr photos and running them through Piknik to get them the right size (1300 x 160 is an awkward size!).

These are the banners I’ve created so far. (You can click on each image to see the original.)

Stoves at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

Fuzzy-looking leaves I saw at Tian Tan Buddha in Hong Kong

shu uemura display in the Venetian Hotel in Macau

North Point MTR in Hong Kong

My passport after two weeks traveling in China in November 2010

Immaculate patio at Mission Hill in Kelowna, BC

A writing practice booklet of mine from decades ago

Door at Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China

Whimsical pic of NPY and me at MoMA in New York

Cute graphics depicting washrooms at the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing

Too cute boneless fish plush prizes at Ocean Park in Hong Kong

Jade carving on display in the New Lisboa Hotel in Macau

Glass art at the MGM Grand Hotel in Macau

Brilliant Wynn Macau lights in Macau

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