Asians on the Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business

It seems way too soon for another Amazing Race instalment but the next one, starting February 20, is now in HD! And it’s an All-Stars one with near-winners from previous seasons!

As with every reality show, it is fun for me to pick out the Asian contestants and root for them if they are deserving. Ronald and Christina Hsu, the father-daughter team that placed 2nd 6 seasons ago are back. I remember them as being quite nice and I hope they are hungry for the win. I am also curious what has changed in the three years since the finale, and how the fame has affected their lives.

In early previews, we kept seeing Team Jumba–Kevin and his dad, Michael Wu–but they are not listed as contestants at the official website. That would have been awesome. I read through the comments of an Amazing Race-related YouTube video and people mentioned that Kevin had to go back to school (college)–besides, he has other great opportunities knocking on the door, like an invitation to go teach a class in Kenya. Home shopping channel hosts Brooke and Claire seemed to have been slated to return, as the runners-up in the most recent season, but Claire is pregnant?

Asians aside, I’m eager to see Kent (formerly Kynt) and Vyxsin (“The Goths”), LaKisha (formerly Kisha!) and Jennifer (sisters), the Harlem Globetrotters, and Jet and Cord (“The Cowboys”) again.

If everyone is really hungry it will be a welcome and exciting season!

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