Reggie Lee in No Ordinary Family

We put off watching the new series No Ordinary Family because in the first episode the small chartered plane carrying the Powell family crashes and exposure to some compound in a Brazilian lake starts some change that manifests as superpowers for each member of the family: super-strength and leaping, super-speed, telepathy, and super-intelligence.

I’m finally watching it and it’s fun to see which cast of characters they have assembled, Julie Benz who played lesbian former stripper Robin Gallagher in Desperate Housewives, Kay Panabaker who had a big role in last year’s remake of Fame, Autumn Reeser who played neurotic Taylor Townsend on The O.C., and Stephen Collins who played Reverend Camden in 7th Heaven.

A nice sight is seeing Reggie Lee as somewhat arrogant Dr. Francis Chiles who I see appears in four episodes (watching episode 3 as I write this).

Not being the first superpowers show this century, No Ordinary Family tries to differentiate itself with the parents’ reluctance to use or make public their powers, and the mother being a scientist, tries to find a scientific reason and possibly reverse the transformation. Autumn Reeser plays Katie Andrews, Julie Benz’s character’s research assistant–young, eager, quirky, and nerdy.

This show is somewhat fun to play in the background.

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