Amazing Race 17 Hong Kong Episode

It’s so funny (but not really) that the Amazing Race head to Hong Kong this year when NPY and I just got back from there!! The title is, somewhat intriguingly, “I Hate Chinese Food” and I watched it alone because NPY wasn’t interested.

Only four teams remain at this stage and they headed to Hong Kong from Bangladesh on Singapore Airlines via Singapore. From the airport, they all had to go to Cheng Chau (an outlying island) to pick up their next clue.

The clue directed them to take the (First Ferry) to Kowloon and head to Majesty Restaurant.

Roadblock: Apparently while Hong Kong is famous for a diversity of food, they are also famous for their gorgeous fake food! A buffet of largely seafood items was laid out at the restaurant with some fake food strewn in and the racers had to find the fake piece of salmon sushi or mussel amidst the platters. If they picked an item that was actually food, they had to eat it.

Claire of “The Shopping Channel hosts” team had to eat a lot and hadn’t found the food. She claimed to be picky and avoiding a lot of the food so far, dieting for her wedding. After all the unsuccessful attempts, she ran off and vomited, and the sounds were recorded and possibly amplified. Vicki of the tattooed team also had problems and vomited and was the one who declared the line that became the title.

Meanwhile, as a source of distraction and frustration, “opera/hip-hop” karaoke was taking place on the stage and the three female partners who sat out of the roadblock–Nat, Brooke, and Jill–entertained the private party at the restaurant with their dancing, patrons who were definitely not eating from the buffet.

The clue they received at the restaurant directed them to go to the Avenue of Stars and find the Bruce Lee statue for their next clue.

Their next task is a Detour: “Ding Ding” in which teams ride the tram and notice the three signs that spell out “Pit Stop”, “Statue” and “Square” to figure out the pit stop, or “Sampan” in which teams take a cage of parakeets out on a sampan ride departing from the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant dock, find the boat with the matching registration number to get their next clue.

The person accompanying Phil on the mat was an opera singer completed with full red headgear.

The Discover travel tip for the episode: Did you know that Hong Kong has the most skyscrapers in the world with over 8000 buildings with over 14 floors?

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