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Margaret Cho in Drop Dead Diva

A while ago, I learned that Margaret Cho is in a myLifetime show, Drop Dead Diva. I checked out the first four episodes and got hooked but it was somewhat difficult to find until just recently: NPY subscribed to Netflix–now available in Canada!–and we’ve made good use of it within a day since I identified that the complete first season is available.

I really like the show (however, I’ve been known to have poor taste)–the characters are really nice, no evilness like in the most popular shows like Gossip Girl and 90210. Isn’t that how real life is like–no one is pure evil, but just conflicted.

Margaret Cho plays Teri Lee, assistant to Jane Bingum, a lawyer. In a mix-up on the way to heaven, aspiring model Deb comes back in the body of Jane Bingum who got shot on the same day. Jane is the opposite of everything Deb was but she retains Jane’s knowledge, if not memories, and she can function with minimal mishaps in her new life. Jane/Deb does not suffer with her secret alone because she is able to confide in a guardian angel sent to earth (Fred) and Deb’s best friend (Stacey). The worst part is Deb’s boyfriend joins Jane’s law firm but she can’t get around to letting him know who she really is and can only see him potentially moving on… like to Jane’s attractive co-worker, Kim. Kim is a shark of a lawyer, far less empathetic than Jane, but not evil, just multi-dimensional.

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