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New series, My Generation, starring Anne Son

I wouldn’t really have noticed the new ABC series, My Generation, had Angry Asian Man not blogged about it because of the inclusion of Annie Son as Caroline Chung. It is a show that is a (faux) documentary style show following nine high school students from graduation in 2000 to their lives 10 years later.

To my surprise, NPY doesn’t hate the show. The first episode was quite interesting, introducing the characters and how they are related to each other. True to my nature, so far, I like the characters unhappily married Anders Holt (“The Rich Kid”), lonely lawyer Brenda Serrano (“The Brain”), serviceman Rolly Marks (“The Jock”) and, of course, teenaged mother Caroline Chung (“The Wallflower”).

We laughed at the poor Kenneth Finley character, dubbing him “Benjamin Linus”, and true to me, I thought I saw a resemblance between Kelli Garner who plays Dawn Barbuso and Linda Cardellini!

We were also quite struck by the actress who plays Jackie Vachs (“The Beauty Queen”). I kept telling NPY that she looks like a younger Faith Ford although he doesn’t really know her from Murphy Brown which I watched quite regularly back in the day.

He seemed to recognize Jaime King and while we were watching the episode we were looking them up on Jaime King (b. 1979) strongly resembles Jaime Pressly (b. 1977), down to the name! We haven’t really seen the shows in which the Jaimes have starred but it was Pressly whom we’ve seen in I Love You, Man. This reminds of a post a about the similar looks of Maria Thayer and Rachelle Lefevre, with which I wholeheartedly agree.

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  • Catch Star Girl

    Oh boy. I recommended My Generation to my friend and when she went to search for it, the news is it got canceled after just two episodes! What on earth do people want to watch anyways?

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