Kelly Hu, Malese Jow in Vampire Diaries

I have always been interested in the new (last year) series, Vampire Diaries, because I love the look of Nina Dobrev whom I saw in her role as a teenaged mother in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

But… another vampire show? I was so over vampires partway through the Buffy series. I try to know as little as possible about Twilight. Television series, however, allows for better development of characters and vampire lore. Unlike Moonlight, which premiered in 2008 but ended in 2009. Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, probably has a fanatic youth fan base and had their second second premiere this fall. I started PVR’ing reruns in the summer and seemed to have caught the second half of the first season.

Thus it is only now, nearly a year after the episodes premiered, that I’m seeing Kelly Hu and Malese Jow in their Vampire Diaries roles.

Kelly Hu plays Pearl, referred to as Miss Pearl by her followers. As she puts it to the hunky Salvatore brothers/vampires, she’s got 400 years on them so if you think the boys are powerful, she’s the biggest badass of them all! And she plays an overprotective mom to Malese Jow’s character, Anna.

Besides living forever at the age they are turned and thus becoming really experienced, vampires can be somewhat emotionally stunted and act their age. Anna plays a precarious teenaged vampired and in many of the low-light settings, reminds me of Kristin Kreuk.

Kelly Hu and Malese Jow are listed for only several episodes apiece and at this time, I don’t know if they are in current episodes. I’m enjoying this hot mother-daughter vampire team in the meantime.

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