Must download: Google keyboard

I finally set up my new Samsung Galaxy S23 phone after receiving it some three months ago.* We were going away and I didn’t want to spend the cruise trying to find a couple hundred MBs here and there for photos and videos!

I’m trying to mete what apps I have been downloading, particularly avoiding installing Instagram for a while and keeping “doomscrolling” to my old phone. But the Samsung keyboard was not satisfactory when I want to, well, text a phrase in Chinese. Who’d a thought I do use Chinese “everyday”. But which I mean I don’t use it literally everyday but it’s definitely not an app that doesn’t get used.

Since I haven’t installed Google Keyboard in a while, I hadn’t select keyboards in a long while and I was surprised and pleased by the selection: Zhuyin (bopomofo), Handwriting (what I use) and Pinyin. I selected Handwriting as per usual and Pinyin as well because I want Kiddo to know by example the reason why he learns Pinyin. He seriously despises writing the corresponding Pinyin atop the characters he is less despising of writing!

I do not know what Cangjie and Quick keyboards are.

* To wit, I took it out of the box and put it in its case and was using the Galaxy Buds that came free with them.