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Maltose lollipop anyone?

According to the name of the image file, I took this photo back in 2019 but I saw it again last week while at T&T and just wanted to share.

For some reason my mother thinks she did not, but I recall her buying these jars – I do not recall the frequency – from the independent Chinese grocer in Halifax. She would dip a chopstick to catch some maltose whose texture is between stiff taffy and runny honey, and then turn the chopstick until the thread of maltose is broken and you had a “maltose lollipop” to lick. I remember it would slide down our chopstick due to gravity and it wasn’t like stiff or hardened so you had to eat it holding the chopstick parallel to the ground!

As nice as nostalgia is, this item will stay firmly there – my kids have treats aplenty and I won’t introduce these to them – since I don’t know what to do with the rest of the jar!

Woks of Life entry about maltose confirms its a traditional treat for kids!

It’s also a candy from Taiwan.