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Sheep Village 2.0

One of the Cantonese-speaking Instagrammers I follow – cantonese4parents – posted to her stories about Sheep Village 2.0. First off, the graphics are adorable. And then she posted the e-book link and I’m down the rabbit hole after that.

On first glance, I thought it was children’s books, readers level, but I surmise it’s not. It’s easily above my level but I was at the library last week and there was a shelf or two for Chinese books ranging from nursery books to chapter books and middle school readers. I’m not sure I could read nursery books as they are written for parents to read so I can probably only read “Early Readers” level. Maybe.

I rushed to the e-books download site and got the PDFs, available for each of the six books in Cantonese (because Hong Kong, keeping the language going), English and what I read to be “Taiwanese” but I think is formal Chinese with traditional characters. That is, there is no simplified character version of the books. And the first thing I check with PDFs is if they are editable. All I wanted to do – and did with practically manic frenzy (call me nerdy) was mash the Cantonese and English PDF, interleave English with Chinese corresponding pages and then print the whole thing multiple pages to a page so I have pages with the two-page spread in Chinese above the two-page spread in English.

I love this idea and hope I will get usage and knowledge from this and they can be supported through Patreon.

So I probably won’t be reading these books word for word in Chinese, but I will learn something new. You always do. 😊

screenshot from the website