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LeapFrog Learning Friends English-Chinese 100 Words Book

Last year, my sister bought this book for her LO. It’s cute, she’s gone handlong for Leapfrog with the “cell phone” and “tablet” and this and another book-style learning device and other miscellany. We’ve loved Baobao Chinese songs book (I gifted it to them) and I thought this was a headstart for Baby to learn some Mandarin words and bought it on Amazon.

Unfortunately, (1) it’s not heavily used (2) the kids – especially Kiddo – know how to switch it to English mode (3) I have no idea what they are saying/singing outside of the specific words! I haven’t sat down the tried to figure out the matching English counterparts and figure out if it’s a match in literal translation. Basically, I need to create a cheatsheet with the Chinese characters and Pinyin and I need to bring the book to MIL and/or my parents’ and have them translate for me!