Site updates

CSG is back …..

What a long hiatus. I have not posted since July 2021 and it was probably in July 2022 when I realized that this site had a Critical Error and I tried to fix it through renaming plug-ins and some such. It worked for my personal site which also had a Critical Error. And when I had confused myself so much, I put this onto the back-burner and created a terrible little Instagram page that no one finds or reads. It’s not the right format for what I want to share. But at least I have the handle …. !

Earlier this month, I finally called GoDaddy and it seems convoluted but I purchases some WordPress Premium Support package and was convinced to buy a 3-credit, that I needed at least 2 credits to fix the website and then the plug-ins and very shortly after I stated my problem, they came back to tell me there is malware and this script about how to remove it, and to move to dedicated hosting because it’s like an infestation when you have shared hosting. Yeah, whatever. Of course this protection plan that I don’t think I purchased doesn’t cover malware removal and any of the security packages is a year term and at least $100.

But LO AND BEHOLD I was considering exporting the WP database (somehow) and went to GoDaddy to hunt down how to just create a new WordPress site and I clicked Go To Site or something and my site is NO LONGER DOWN! Update those plug-ins and themes and the whole WordPress installation and don’t leave the site for six months of unfettered updates and security holds again!

I’m baaaaaaack!