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Ikea’s SOLGLIMTAR is back for CNY 2020

I haven’t had the time to visit Ikea as often as I do now and I almost had to rub my eyes in disbelief when I came across their Chinese New Year display last week.

The product line is named Solglimtar and Google Translate tells me that it is Swedish for “glimpses of the sun” and that is about how you feel your relationship with the sun is in the middle of winter or when Chinese New Year rolls around next year on January 25.

My first glimpse of the collection was in the Markethall level (where all the products are located), an extravaganza of red and gold that shouts “Chinese” to me. I’m not about to buy that set of five containers and tray that is a good facsimile and to be laden with sweets during the season. I also already have wooden chopsticks from IKEA and I don’t have a rectangular table to lay out a table runner.

I did decide to get the expanding dragon and it shall be hung out of Kiddo’s reach. He thinks everything is something to be played with these days.


Then I came across the largest display that showed how you can put it all together in a home. I like the lanterns but at $12.88 (or was it $14.88), I could resist. I noted how (almost) all the prices ended in $0.88.

And if you didn’t quite notice, there are small doormats. They, like the cushion (covers) are only $4.88.

In case you hadn’t picked up any of the Solglimtar collection, there is a cluster of the products on your way to check-out!