Cantonese vocabulary: Halloween terms

How’s this for a blog post idea: compiling vocabulary lists to make it through the upcoming holiday.

In this case, we are a day out from Halloween so I’ll post earlier my next holiday-themed vocabulary list.

In the case of Halloween terms, I’m only listing the ones that are relevant/interesting or appropriate for a toddler. So such concepts as cemetaries and graves and true freaks and horrors are omitted for now. But I see myself year-over-year updating these lists and adding the words that the kid can grasp.

Autumn秋天cau1 tin1
Frankenstein科學怪人fo1 hok6 gwaai3 jan4literally, "science monster"
Halloween鬼節gwai2 zit3easiest - "ghost festival"
Haunted house鬼屋gwai2 uk1literally, "ghost house"
Monster怪物gwaai3 mat6literally, "strange being"
Mummy木乃伊muk6 naai5 ji1
Pumpkin南瓜naam4 gwaa1literally, "south pumpkin"
Spider蜘蛛zi1 zyu1
* Spider web蜘蛛網zi1 zyu1 mong5
Skeleton骨骼gwat1 gaak3sounds like "bone frame"
Vampire殭屍goeng1 si1Sheik listed a homophone as 薑絲 = shredded ginger
Werewolf狼人long4 jan4literally, "wolf person"
Witch巫婆mou4 po4sounds like "furry lady"
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