Finger Family song translated

So, there’s this nursery song I am not familiar with from my own childhood – the Finger Family.

It’s a cute song in general but of course I’ve heard it about a thousand times now. The most annoying iterations to me are (1) when it is sung with little context to the toy/play video it accompanies – usually by a annoying kid and (2) where the singer is painting each finger in turn – sometimes in glitter OMGOSH gross.

If you’re not familiar with this song, this video is a seven-iteration introduction that is not overly annoying an displays the nature of variations.

There is an all-Mandarin version – of course there is –

But I’m not all-Mandarin so here is the blended version that I think is great because it pulls on the best sounds of Cantonese and Mandarin. Here is my version where blue is Cantonese and red is Mandarin.

爸爸手指 爸爸手指
Here I am, here I am

Replace first line above with the following in turn.

Mama: 媽媽手指 媽媽手指
Older brother: 哥哥手指 哥哥手指
Older sister: 姐姐手指 姐姐手指
Baby (treasure): 寶寶手指 寶寶手指

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