Learning Chinese 學中文Parenting 3G-CBC

Chinese (Mandarin, Pinyin) alphabet song

We have the musical book Baobao Learns Chinese, got it after Baby was born and Kiddo was beyond wholly impressionable and learning more as he had the song in English. My success was during Kiddo’s first year of Mandarin (in 2020-21), for him to learn “bopomofo” well thanks to Little Fox’s bpmf 歌 (song) that uses the same familiar tune of the alphabet song and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

In fact, when it came time to reciting his initials and finals, he would sing them with good pronunciation but it was strung together and so I had to hold him back, to slow down.

Below, I have matched the familiar tune to the lyrics and translation.

Lyric1b-p-m-f d-t-n-l
Tunea-b-c-d e-f-g
Translation/Pinyinbo po mo fo de te ne le
Lyric2g-k-h j-q-x
Translation/Pinyinge ke he ji qi xi
Lyric3zh-ch-sh-r z-c-sRepeat Line 3, then continue
Tuneq-r-s t-u-v
Translation/Pinyinzhi chi shi ri zi ci si
Lyric4這是 漢語 聲母 歌
TuneNow I know my ABCs
Pinyinzhè shì hányǔ shēngmǔ gē
TranslationThis is Chinese initials song
TuneNext time won’t you sing with me
Pinyinhǎo péngyǒu yìqǐ chāng gē
TranslationGood friends singing together
Lyric6a-o-e i-u-ü
Tunea-b-c e-f-g
Lyric7這是 漢語 韻母 歌
Pinyinzhè shì hányǔ yùnmǔ gē
TranslationThis is Chinese finals song
Lyric8, 9
Repeat Lyric 6 twice, then continue
Lyric10Repeat Lyric 7, then continue
Translation11Repeat Line 7