Alphabet flashcards for the (hopefully) bilingual toddler

This post’s title reminds me the Chinese version of the ABC song that I recently learned of (YouTube link). Of course, I want to learn it and comment about it a blog post.

But for now… NPY has stepped up in incorporating educational elements when he is entertaining E and it’s awesome. It’s not all in Chinese (not awesome) but we are having fun nonetheless training the little kid.

On his room’s door I have hung since he was an infant a wooden “E” plaque and NPY seems to have trained E to say, “eee” when he sees it. Except, he also says, “eee” when he see a “5” or “3” or “7”. Thus came about NPY’s suggestion that we teach him the first few letters and my eager response.

In Google Slides, I created “flashcards” with a joyful and colourful letter (in Cabin Sketch) alongside with an object that starts with that letter. The images I pick are relevant to the toddler experience and hopefully not confusing as he learns the difference between what is English and Chinese. (And if he is confused at the start, I’m not worried – I’m happy with getting the most Chinese into him and he’ll figure it out.)

I have only created about half the letters so far because his consonants aren’t complete anyhow and just the first five letters is quite a bit to absorb. Here is an example of my “bilingual alphabet”.

  • A is for apple
  • B is for ball or “bo bo” (Chinese for ball)
  • C is for cat
  • D is for “dan dan” (Chinese for egg)
  • E is for E!
  • F is for flower or “fah fah” (Chinese for flower)
  • G is for “gong gong” (Chinese for grandfather that is the mother’s father)
  • H is for happy or “hoi sum” (Chinese for happy)

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