Asian Studies

Chinese seals and typefaces

Once upon a time, a Chinese seal was lovingly made for me. My late aunt carved it in a block of stone but part of one character (the “E”) she mistakenly carved backwards so I couldn’t ever use it.

For my next crafty project, I needed to look up my name in a particular “font” or “script” I what even are the names of different typefaces you see?

In my search, I came upon the Chinese Seal Generator and my quest is satisfied.

Actually, while I put in my Chinese name to trial the typefaces, I will need to look up the giftee’s name. Finding the Chinese Seal Generator website, in any case, is a good start.

Since no typeface names were given for each style that was available, I have – tongue-in-cheek – given them my own names below.

First row
Fat Brush Script
Your Dad’s No-Nonsense Handwriting
Calligraphy Handwriting
Chinese Arial

Second row
Chinese Hieroglyphics
Chinese Seal Typeface (the typeface I was looking for)
Chinese Comic Sans
Handwriting with a Pen

Third row
Chinese Newspaper (a.k.a. Bolded Impact Typeface)
Elegant Cursive Albeit Simplified Chinese
Comedic Movie Title Typeface
Chicken Scratch Typeface

Fourth row
My Rudimentary Ridgidly Upright No Personality Whatsoever Typeface
Chinese Reader Typeface