Asians on TV 唐人做電視

Reggie Lee in Persons Unknown

NPY is intrigued by these “mystery” television shows. A good one we watched recently was CBS’ Harper’s Island, a 13-episode TV series with one mystery–why do the guests of a wedding keep dying?–that is solved within the series. It didn’t hurt that the main stars–Elaine and Katie Cassiday (no relation?)–were good looking, the production values were high, and the ways in which people were killed off were grotesquely imaginative.

NBC’s Persons Unknown promises a great deal of suspense along similar lines. Why are the seven main characters held hostage? Who is watching them over the cameras and how is the whole ghost town “set” they are held on rigged to keep them captive? Will anyone survive?

The hilarious part is that they have all their meals at the one restaurant that is staffed on the “set” they are held hostage on, The Shanghai Palace. The maitre’d, Tom, is played by Reggie Lee whom I recognize best as a recurring character/really bad guy on Prison Break. The hostages are so frustrated by the uncertainty of their situation, the growing tension amongst the captives, and the psychological torture that sometimes they take it out on the only other people in that ghost town who may or may not be related to the captors. And the Chinese staff, headed by Reggie Lee, are oblivious to the crazy circumstances and only endeavour to provide good food sustenance and good service, “Pease pease, eat!”

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