Doesn't taste like Mom's home cooking

Ultimate fusion soup: Napa cabbage & watercress soup

Hmm, I’m not blogging much here or anywhere regularly lately. But I’ve continued to be a provider and make cooked food appear and because I think I might make NPY die of boredom if I only made the small set of dishes I make without a recipe, there I go looking for recipes and adding to my Pinterest “Cook This!” board more than I’m moving things over to my “Cooked This” board.

I recently acquired a hand blender and naturally went a bit on overdrive with making smoothies and soup. NPY doesn’t really like the pureed soup idea but it makes a great meal for a perennially dieting girl like myself. Then I wondered if I could make a Chinese flavour soup that was blended. And somehow, I came across Albion Cooks’ Napa Cabbage & Watercress Soup. My hastily taken photo of my final product serves only as a souvenir I made the soup but does not look appetizing in the least.

This awesome soup has “Asian” ingredients such as napa cabbage, watercress and miso. But it’s also got the “Western” flavour from potato, basil and that it is blended. It is somewhat hearty and I found it tasted super with steamed white rice in at least a 2-1 soup-rice ratio.

I didn’t think my napa cabbage & watercress soup-flooded rice photo was quite as off-putting as my soup-in-the-pot photo was… but as with comfort food, it tastes better than it looks!