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Canada Post Chinatown Gates Collection

I just ordered this.

By some fluke of chance, because I’m not usually following Canada Post offerings, I saw a special edition, limited time offered collection featuring the Chinatown Gates in Canada. I must have it! A few weeks elapsed but I ended up remembering and ordered a souvenir sheet ($5) while I would dearly love to have the whole collection in a special folder ($88.88).

The folder, a fantastic gift for someone who is interested, includes the following:

  • A numbered and imperforated pane of 8 stamps—exclusive to this set.
  • A regular pane of 8 stamps, die cut in the shape of early Chinese coins, complete with centre hole.
  • A 200-year-old Qing Dynasty coin and a 1,000-year-old Song Dynasty coin, like the ancient coins embedded in many of the gates.
  • A 16-page full colour booklet with a history of the origins of these gates and a description of each Canadian gate in English, French and Chinese.
  • A certificate of authenticity.
  • A red leather-like folder traditionally embossed with a detailed image of a well-known gate in China.
  • Only 8,888 Chinatown Gates Collection were produced—grab yours today!

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