Ian Anthony Dale Filmography

We first saw Ian Anthony Dale when he did a one-episode guest spot on Trauma (“Protocol”, s01e12) as paramedic Andy Wu. You knew he wasn’t destined for a second episode because he was only brought in while one main character was on psych leave and to show how the partner who was still at work has been profoundly affected by her partner’s work ethics compared to Andy’s straight-laced work morals. (Got that?)

And a day or two later, we happened to catch a CSI episode, “The Panty Sniffer” (s10e16) where he plays a sleazy guest star.

NPY and I think he resembles a young Russell Wong (also Eurasian) and Pierce Bosnan, both very attractive actors to me.

More recently, NPY showed me the Mortal Kombat: Rebirth trailer and in the final seconds, Scorpion reveals himself and we had to look it up to confirm it is Ian Anthony Dale. I don’t know MK like SF but sleuthed out at least that the director of the 8-minute MK trailer is shopping it around for takers for a reboot of the MK movie franchise. Thus, Scorpion may ultimately be played by someone else.

And, it was while we looked up Ian Anthony Dale in IMDB.com (one of my favourite websites), we noticed that he is in every episode shot so far of NBC’s The Event, set to premiere this fall. NPY has definitely taken notice of the suspenseful and mysterious promos that started airing a few weeks ago. When selected cast members are listed, Ian Anthony Dale’s name is never amongst them, but so far, he is listed first in the cast list on the IMDB.com page for the show!

This fall, NPY will tune in to find out what “The Event” really is. I will tag along to catch Ian Anthony Dale’s character. I hope it’s worth it!

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