So You Think You Can Dance Season 7

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I’ll root for any of the top ten dancers who has the technique and charisma to capture my attention but I’ll also root for the Asians who make it. Afterall, the competition is so stiff this season because only ten, rather than the usual twenty top dancers, made it to the live performance shows.

At first I thought it was a little gimmicky to have judges visit most of the top twenty-four dancers at their homes to deliver the news of who’s in and out but in the clips, you see the judges in a casual (or staged casual) element and the contestants in their homes with their families.

Alex Wong made it. He’s 23 years old and from Vancouver, Canada (woohoo)! Last season, he was chosen for the top twenty but the creative director at the Miami City Ballet where he is a principal soloist would not let him out of his contract to be on a reality dance competition. The competition was tougher this year but it would have been so cruel if he didn’t make it after giving up his principal spot and having a shot last year. He’s in despite judges’ concern about how much passion he conveys and I’m worried about his partnering skills; there hasn’t been much comment about the latter so far.

Alexie Agdeppa made it. She has been auditioning for years and was cut last season just before the top twenty was formed last year. This year, a lot of clips that were included from the Vegas round featured her soundbites. Alexie is 26, Filipino-American (making the third “Fil-Am” girl to make it to the live shows in three consecutive seasons) and a jazz dancer. She’s so bubbly and sweet and funny.

Ashley Galvan made it. Other than fleetingly noticing another brunette amongst the top dancers, I didn’t sit up and notice Ashley until they showed her in her living room, just before receiving the good news that she is amongst the top five girls. She’s extraordinarily cute and she has a hint of another ethnicity. Her father is either tanned or biracial–it’s just awful how I can’t tell but there’s also not much on the Internet to support it. There are pages, however, on Ashley who already has an page because she was on a Nickelodean show, but she’s not so big a star that her bio is up. Her other major claim to fame is dating/dated some ‘tween star named Jared Murillo?

Other early favourites of mine include Lauren Froderman (sweet, great routine to “At Last” for her final Vegas solo) and Kent Boyd (from Nowhere, Ohio, and the passionate rant he made “I just danced next to Alex Frickin’ Wong”).

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