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BC Lions Society Terracotta Warriors in the city

We walked by it once on the way to lunch at Fir and Broadway but only when I was alone did I noticed the seven-foot tall larger-than-life vividly painted blue-and-white fiberglass terracotta warrior right at the Broadway and Granville intersection!


Could this be one of the city’s public art projects that previously brought to the city orcas, bears and eagles? Yes! Submissions from local artists were due by February this year and 32 terracotta warriors are on display in prominent areas of Vancouver and Richmond since April and until September when they are auctioned off. One warrior calls its home somewhere in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Tracking down more street art was not on my itinerary but I can’t help squeezing in a little more walking if I happen to have the time to snap a few shots. This public art project makes it as an entry to this blog, of course, because of the terracotta warrior subject. It is, so far, the first cultural subject the society has chosen as the canvas for these projects.





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