MariNaomi’s Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume Ages 0 to 22

AsianAmLitFans blog came through again and I was scrolling through the latest megareview, flipping past the three Janice Lee novels that aren’t my style and Oliver Chin’s cute cover art for A Window To The World when I came across the last reviewed novel and I went into shock. Unbeknownst to me, a year ago, a graphic novel by the name of Kiss & Tell: A Romantic Resume Ages 0 to 22 was published by San Francisco writer and artist MariNaomi.

Say what??

Since 2005 (I think), I have had a low-profile blog about relationships at a domain of the same name as this book title. The tagline of this novel, playing up the idea of the completeness and chronological ordering of a resume, is similar to the name I gave my blog. (I called mine a “relationship resume” as opposed to a “romantic resume”.) And by correspondence, there is the general similarity of soul-baring exposition of past relationships. How far the similarities go, I have no idea. It’s just that with the timing of the publication of this novel, I wonder if MariNaomi ever stumbled across my idea, free for the taking.

One major difference is that while words are my only tool (or weapon), MariNaomi can illustrate as well as write her story. The book jacket also hints about some romantic (or lusty) encounters that are way beyond my experiences.

A quick Google search to see if my blog (no longer indexed to be found by search engines) comes up in a search of “relationship resume” shows me that it is not a unique term by any means and linking the notions of “kissing and telling” and “resume” together still is a likely combination.

It’s just… that knowing this novel is out there, it is a book title that is sadly out of contention for me. I’m going to guard my other book titles more closely from now on!

In light of discovering this novel, I will be getting a library card as soon as possible and reserving this novel to read and review!

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