Asians on TV 唐人做電視

Jadyn Wong in Being Erica


The final season of Being Erica began last Monday and I’m looking forward to seeing where the writers have decided to bring the Erica character as she enters her final stage of “therapy” and is on her way to becoming a full-fledged “Doctor”.

A new recurring character will be Rachel who was amongst several quirky interviewees for the administrative assistant at Erica and Julianne’s publishing 50/50. Rachel, played by Jadyn Wong, had a deep voice and demonstrated eerie psychic ability when nervous but she was more qualified for the job than the crazy cat lady and a sweet fellow Zumba classmate of Julianne’s who had no experience. Erica and Julianne debated amongst themselves and finally decided to hire Rachel. We should be seeing Rachel at work next episode and other publishing company-related segments.

(There was also a Chinese assistant in the second season, Meeri, played by Grace Lynn Kung who is now a regular on InSecurity. Her character’s flameout was hilarious.)

So who is this newcomer? Hopefully I’ve got this straight because the information is from many different websites.

Jadyn Wong hails from the prairies (Medicine Hat, Alberta?) and started attending business school at the University of Calgary but left to film the 2006 Western mini-series Broken Trail. (I should check out the movie for it stars Robert Duvall, Greta Scacchi, and five Chinese women including Jadyn with characters numbered #1 through #5.) She seems to have finished her Commerce degree at the University of British Columbia in May 2010 and now lives in Toronto. The actor is on her way up with a completed legal drama pilot, Stay with Me, and a role in next year’s David Cronenberg film, Cosmopolis. The list of costars for the movie is impressive!

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