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Asians on So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4 Top 22

Ack. With no ceremony, a string of the Asian guys who made it all through Finals week were announced to be cut. Sorry, no Top 20 (22) this year for you. Andrew Chung. Alvin Collantes. Carlos Chang. Rufino Rodriguez. Michael. Vicky Luo, whom I profiled earlier, shored up her dance disciplines but was cut earlier in Finals week after the twist thrown in that was an Afro Jazz choreography routine.

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These are some of the dancers left standing, dancing their way into the Top 22….

Moses Layco. A 26-year-old contemporary dancer from Winnipeg, he stood out during the auditions because in his profile, he talked about taking up springboard diving to complement his dancing! There would be quite a bit of core strengthening in diving that he brings back to dance. He only started dancing at the age of 19 and reproduced Julia Stiles’ final audition piece in Save the Last Dance. It turns out he’s been teaching and training out of the school I used to drop into, Harbour Dance Centre in downtown Vancouver.

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I am not sure at all about the ethnicity of these two girls, but they are interesting just the same and I’ll update if their interviews/bios yield more information.

Geisha Chin. I’m confused about this one. Purely based on her name, I wonder if we will learn more about her background in coming profiles. Geisha is a 19-year-old contemporary dancer living in Toronto, originally hailing from Kingston, Jamaica.

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Lauren Lyn. A 24-year-old salsa dancer living in Toronto but hailing from Montego Bay, Jamaica, her cute eyes and beautiful curls fascinated me. Recently she danced with Lady Gaga’s crew during the Much Music Video Awards show.

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4 thoughts on “Asians on So You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 4 Top 22

  • Geisha Chin I believe is Blasian.

    Lauren is half white (from her mother’s side) and her father is Asian (not sure which ethnicity he is).

  • Catch Star Girl

    Thanks for the confirmation! I wanted to update this post as soon as I had further information from interviews conducted on the show and so forth.

  • Both Geisha Chin and Lauren Lyn said they are Chinese Jamaicans on today’s show

  • Catch Star Girl

    Thanks for the update! That’s the confirmation I was waiting for, from the show interviews. It’s interesting to see this small representation from Jamaica this season!

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