BBC’s Power of Asia Season Podcasts

On June 10, BBC launched it’s Power of Asia “season” which is one solid month of coverage on current economy, business, politics, society, and environment issues in Asia. The breakdown is better described in a TV Tonight article and even if you missed something, you can always catch up at BBC’s Power of Asia page.

My exposure to BBC tends to be limited to listening to their Documentary Archive podcasts, which have taken me on many investigative journeys that I would never have initiated on my own. Through Documentary Archive, I have also been catching up withe some of the Power of Asia specials, but throughout the years, I have also enjoyed “mini-series” of podcasts dealing with current Asian issues.

(I thought BBC had a page for each podcast but they seem to have re-designed and the following links lead to MP3 files.)

Embracing the Dragon–as Chinese tourists increasingly visit Taiwan and economic relations grow, what will the future hold?
Part 1, 14 June 2011
Part 2, 21 June 2011

What Can I Say?–how are journalists, traditional or new media, restricted in South Asian countries?
Indonesia, 16 February 2011
Cambodia, 23 February 2011
Thailand, 2 March 2011
Singapore, 9 March 2011

China: Shaking the World–examining China’s hyper-rapid growth, what are the concerns?
Part 1, 24 January 2011
Part 2, 31 January 2011
Part 3, 7 February 2011
Part 4, 14 February 2011

Palliative Care in India
3 February 2011

Japan: A Friend in Need–“rent-a-friend” service in Japan, why is it necessary?
28 January 2011

India’s Microcredit Meltdown
27 January 2011

Digging deep into the archives, 2010 and earlier:

Return to White Horse–I love how there is continual follow-up to the residents’ reaction to displacement by rapid infrastructural change in China
Part 1, 1 November 2010
Part 2, 8 November 2010

Afghanistan’s Dancing Boys–really sad story of the sexual exploitation of young boys in Afghanistan
8 September 2010

Korea’s Lost Children–the impact of foreign adoption of Korean children on the adoptees
6 August 2010

Tiger v Dragon–comparing and contrasting the two Asian giants: India and China
Power of the Poor, 23 June 2010
China’s String of Pearls, 30 June 2010

Aung San Suu Kyi: Freedom From Fear
18 June 2010

India’s Maoist Insurgency
10 June 2010

Netrimony: Online Dating in India
10 March 2010

Can China Go Green?
Part 1, 2 December 2009
Part 2, 9 December 2009

China’s Saving Habit
3 September 2009

Selling Cheese to the Chinese
14 August 2009

Chunking Mansions
31 June 2009

The Lost Voices of Tiananmen Square
Part 1, 19 May 2009
Part 2, 26 May 2009

Return to White Horse Village–what is the upheaval involved as a Chinese village is turned into a city?
Part 1, 10 December 2008
Part 2, 17 December 2008
Part 3, 23 December 2008

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